artbarnbyrobertyoungarchitects2 New York-based studio Robert Young Architects designed the Arn Barn. This museum-style contemporary home for two artists also serves as an art gallery.

Completed in 2007, the Art Barn is located in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA.

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Art Barn by Robert Young Architects:

Designed for a pair of artists, this 10,000-square-foot “Art Barn” features a “green screen” that creates a living skin over the majority of the concrete-block structure. Made of metal mesh planted with white wisteria vines, the screen supports greenery that overlaps windows, frames views of the lake and woodlands, and provides added thermal insulation. The building houses two large multipurpose galleries with 16-foot ceilings and polished concrete floors, and a chef’s commercial-grade kitchen. Several smaller-scaled, flexible rooms are used as ancillary studios, administrative offices, for sleeping, exercise and storage. A museum-sized elevator facilitates installation and removal of large-scale art pieces.


Photos by Michael MoranFrank OudemanRobert Young


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