Creating building models for school projects back in college was always a challenge. Aside from design, we would definitely pride in using unique materials. Artist Jill Sylvia definitely raises the bar of difficulty in her ridiculously detailed architectural models made out of hand-cut ledger paper. Yes,ledger paper. The lines of the book-bound sheet are cut in between so you can part see through it. This makes her models even more interesting as it lets you peek inside the structure, without peeling off an element.

A few examples of her paper artworks are the White House, Jefferson Memorial and U.S. Capitol building. These are intensely detailed structures and you’re probably thinking of large-scale models and  how can paper take all the weight? The answer is a small-scale model and a very steady hand for detail. Shown above is the Jefferson Memorial which only measures 5.25″ x 5.5″ x 6.5″. See more of her work below!

JillSylviaPaperArchitecture4paper art architecture JillSylviaPaperArchitecture2   JillSylviaPaperArchitecture5 JillSylviaPaperArchitecture6 JillSylviaPaperArchitecture7 JillSylviaPaperArchitecture8 JillSylviaPaperArchitecture9 JillSylviaPaperArchitecture10

For more of her artworks, visit  Jill Sylvia’s website.


[via visualnews]


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