ant photography

I absolutely didn’t believe that these photos were real. Actually, while I was browsing through the pictures, I was waiting for a punchline at the end of it all.

But, boom! I suddenly realized that this was no joke at all.

And yet, I still could not believe that these are for real!

Do you?

NaturalAntPhotographybyAndreyPavlov2 NaturalAntPhotographybyAndreyPavlov3 NaturalAntPhotographybyAndreyPavlov4 NaturalAntPhotographybyAndreyPavlov5

A very patient artist named Andrey Pavlov is the one responsible for these astonishing photos of ants doing things that you wouldn’t think any ant could do.

NaturalAntPhotographybyAndreyPavlov6 NaturalAntPhotographybyAndreyPavlov7

Andrey Pavlov is a photographer and he takes photographs of ants in stunning poses along with certain props that make the images even more fantasy-like. These ant pictures weren’t artificially rendered using Photoshop or CG software. They were created through patience and waiting for the right moment that the ants would move in the desired position.

NaturalAntPhotographybyAndreyPavlov8 NaturalAntPhotographybyAndreyPavlov9 NaturalAntPhotographybyAndreyPavlov10 NaturalAntPhotographybyAndreyPavlov11 NaturalAntPhotographybyAndreyPavlov12 NaturalAntPhotographybyAndreyPavlov13 NaturalAntPhotographybyAndreyPavlov14 NaturalAntPhotographybyAndreyPavlov15 NaturalAntPhotographybyAndreyPavlov16 NaturalAntPhotographybyAndreyPavlov17 NaturalAntPhotographybyAndreyPavlov18 NaturalAntPhotographybyAndreyPavlov19 NaturalAntPhotographybyAndreyPavlov20 NaturalAntPhotographybyAndreyPavlov21 NaturalAntPhotographybyAndreyPavlov22



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