colored ants

Let me tell you the story on why I decided to post this one.

I happened to have found this post in stumbleupon.

I browsed the pictures, all three of them, and did not pay close attention why in the world were these posted anyway? These are ants, yes, I said to myself, but what’s special with these ants in particular?

Then I scrolled upwards again to read the lines after the first picture. And then boom! Why wasn’t I paying much attention to the story? I headed straight to looking at the pictures and ended up asking myself so many questions.

Lesson learned? Read before reacting.

I was so amazed by how the photographer and his wife discovered something so beautiful about ants.

The photographer and scientist Mohamed Babu explains, “I gave the insects the brightly coloured sugar drops and watched as their transparent stomachs matched the food they were eating. Some of the ants even wandered from one colour to another, creating new combinations in their bodies.”

How did he come to this conclusion?

His wife showed him some ants had turned white after drinking spilt milk. So he decided to mix sugar drops with edible food coloring and then took pictures of these translucent ants.

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You can read the whole article here.

Amazing, aren’t they?



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