custom map wallpers

What is it with maps that I just absolutely love? I don’t really know the exact answer. What I do know though is that I would totally have one of my walls designed by Wallpapered. With a custom design, I would have the luxury of a mural inside my home that will feature my town or any spot on the globe that I simply adore. The people behind this website says that it was created to provide a new and exciting medium through which talented up and coming designers are able to display and monetize their wallpaper mural designs. Well, I can say that they were able to achieve what they wanted in the first place. Check out more of their lovely products after the jump! ♥

AmusingCustomMapWallMuralsbyWallpapered2 AmusingCustomMapWallMuralsbyWallpapered3 AmusingCustomMapWallMuralsbyWallpapered4 AmusingCustomMapWallMuralsbyWallpapered5 AmusingCustomMapWallMuralsbyWallpapered6 AmusingCustomMapWallMuralsbyWallpapered7 AmusingCustomMapWallMuralsbyWallpapered8 AmusingCustomMapWallMuralsbyWallpapered9 AmusingCustomMapWallMuralsbyWallpapered10



[via design-milk]


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