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Pilgrimage by Shintaro Matsui from Japan

Some hobbyists have taken aquascaping to another level by entering their hard-won aquarium to the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest (IAPLC). This annual competition ranks hundreds of entries from all over the world. Shown here are some of the previous winners and incredible entries.

Have you tried keeping an aquarium before? If yes, you can attest that it takes a lot of patience, attention to detail, persistence and basic knowledge in biology to maintain a simple aquarium. To create a make-shift underwater world that’s sustainable and livable is definitely a feat.

Find out more from the IAPLC website.

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Forest Scent by Pavel Bautin from Russia

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Pale Wind by Takayuki Fukada from Japan

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Whisper of the Pines by Serkan Çetinkol from Turkey.

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Verve! by Chow Wai Sun from Hong Kong

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Wild West by Stjepan Erdeljić from Croatia

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By Long Tran Hoang from Vietnam.

international-aquatic-plants-layout-contest (8)

By Cheng Siu Wai fromHong Kong

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