Amazing Corrugated ‘Chameleon Cabin’ by Mattias Lind6

Architect Mattias Lind of Swedish firm White Arkitekter in collaboration with branding agency Happy F + B has created this awesome corrugated paper hut called ‘Chameleon Cabin’, as part of a promotional campaign for Göteborgstryckeriet, a local printing firm. The three-meter structure was printed using a stiff paper that resembles a marble. What makes it unique is that one side looks like black while the other side is white. Lind designed the cabin inspired by Swedish style riggebod, which is a popular small cottage-like building that does not require planning permission. According to design director Andreas Kittel, this project conveys the message of Göteborgstryckeriet for its clients and that is: “We can produce any kind of packaging that you might want.” Amazing Corrugated ‘Chameleon Cabin’ by Mattias Lind2 Amazing Corrugated ‘Chameleon Cabin’ by Mattias Lind3 Amazing Corrugated ‘Chameleon Cabin’ by Mattias Lind5Amazing Corrugated ‘Chameleon Cabin’ by Mattias Lind7

[via inhabitat]


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