miniature crochete

I think I’ve tried doing crochet once in my life and since then I haven’t made the time to do it again possibly because it’s just not my passion, and also because I don’t have much patience to sit down for long hours and come up with something colorful and creative.

It’s good to note that there are still several individuals who have intense fondness with handcrafting and I would like to give credit to Su Ami, a family of 5 crocheters living in Vietnam. I must say that I totally put my hats off for their incredible hands, extreme patience and amazing passion in crocheting. Surely, you’ll agree with me after seeing their impressive works after the jump!

adorableminiaturecrochetedanimalsgiraffe13 adorableminiaturecrochetedanimalsgoat8 adorableminiaturecrochetedanimalsmonkey6 adorableminiaturecrochetedanimalsmonkey10 adorableminiaturecrochetedanimalsowl9 adorableminiaturecrochetedanimalspanda7 adorableminiaturecrochetedanimalspenguin adorableminiaturecrochetedanimalspuppy2 adorableminiaturecrochetedanimalssheep4 adorableminiaturecrochetedanimalssnail11 adorableminiaturecrochetedanimalssquirrel3 adorableminiaturecrochetedanimalswhale12

Do you agree with me now?

By the way, a little bit of trivia for everyone. According to Wikipedia, the word crochet comes from Old French crochet, hook, diminutive of croche, feminine of croc, of Germanic origin




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