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Some of us thought that making shadow images out of our hands were already enough to be considered as something creative, if you know what I mean. Honestly, I used to think I was the most amazing person when I was able to make an image of a barking dog when I was a child. But I guess, there are other human beings who are more amazing than I am. Meet Belgium-based artist Fred Eerdekens who combines shadows and typography to create experimental artworks that lie somewhere between installation and sculpture. Eerdekens uses everything from artificial cloud formations, food boxes, wires, leaves, among others, to spell out words you would not believe could actually be spelled out from said materials. Check them out and be blown away after the jump!

AbsolutelyMindBlowingShadowTypographyArtbyFredEerdeken2 AbsolutelyMindBlowingShadowTypographyArtbyFredEerdeken3 AbsolutelyMindBlowingShadowTypographyArtbyFredEerdeken4 AbsolutelyMindBlowingShadowTypographyArtbyFredEerdeken5 AbsolutelyMindBlowingShadowTypographyArtbyFredEerdeken6 AbsolutelyMindBlowingShadowTypographyArtbyFredEerdeken7

[via beautifuldecay]


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