After I saw some of Ben Canales photos on flickr, I was immediately hooked. The sometimes poignant feeling of being alone is captured in all these shots. But that feeling si remarkably lessened as you see the beauty of the lone house in the field, with the lights dramatically lit, with all those stars shining down to look after it at night.

This photography experience, I’d bet, was really exceptional. Except for the particularly smelly poop that got in the way while Ben was setting up his camera for a shot. In his words:

It was smelly. Smelly, smelly. But, it was a real conundrum, because it happened to my puffy, insulated cold weather pants. So, I was faced with the choice of rank poo on my knees wafting to my senses every time I moved, or shiver my skinny white boy legs in the cold winter night.

I’d like to say something like, “Fortunately, thanks to my long years in the Alaskan wilderness and having to bathe every morning in the glacial run-off streams, dropping the fece faded pants was no problem” but, I’ve never spent long years in the Alaskan wilderness, and I have a difficult time bathing in the semi-warm summer streams of New Jersey! When I go out shooting at night, I dress like the Michelin tire man. I like being a warm bear.

So, I suffered the poo-roma and stayed warm the whole night.

Well, if my shots come out this good, I wouldn’t mind the smell too.

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[via flickr]


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