National Geographic held a photo contest for 2011 that ended last November 30. The Atlantic gathered some of the best entries, from the three categories of People, Places, and Nature. All of them are really, really impressive.

[via The Atlantic]

national geographic photos s_n03_1902011 s_n04_2002011  s_n09_1802011 s_n11_2402011 s_n12_3402011 s_n14_4402011 s_n17_2502011 s_n21_0102011 s_n25_0902011 s_n31_3502011 s_n33_1502011 s_n34_5002011 s_n36_1402011 s_n37_3702011 s_n41_0802011 s_n42_1602011 s_n43_1702011 s_n44_4002011

These are only a few of the entries. To read more visit theatlantic.com.


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