From St. Valentine’s day of 2011, artists Victoria Lucas and Richard William Wheater installed neon signs on the roof of Neon Workshops in Wakefield, every month for a whole year. Not your ordinary brightly lit signage, it bears much loved lyrics of we-known love songs. These series called 12 Months of Neon Love is a real treat for passersby and hopeless romantics, a public serenade in words.

Victoria says:

“I think the fact that we have experienced the full spectrum of feelings associated with love during the projects short life span is so important, and for me has become the main concept driving the work. The work was conceived out of our love, which now only exists in our memories. The transitory nature of the project and its temporal existence echoes this; a year long artwork representing a year long love affair.”

neon sign art 12MonthsofLoveNeonSignSerenade2 12MonthsofLoveNeonSignSerenade3 12MonthsofLoveNeonSignSerenade4 12MonthsofLoveNeonSignSerenade5 12MonthsofLoveNeonSignSerenade6  12MonthsofLoveNeonSignSerenade9

The duo have since created a book, find out more at 12months of Neon Love blog.


[via lifelounge]


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