Would you turn down a million dollars offer to give up your house? 84-year old Edith Macefield did in a commitment to hold on to things that are important to her and became a folk hero when her story reached the public in 2006.

Macefield was offered to sell her home so that developers can build a shopping mall in Seattle, Washington. Firm on not giving up her home the developers was forced to build the 5-storey mall around Macefield’s tiny two-story house where she stayed until she passed away in 2008 at the age of 86.

108-year-old-farmhouse-that-inspired-the-movie-up (1) 108-year-old-farmhouse-that-inspired-the-movie-up (2)

Fans of the  movie UP will find Macefield’s story familiar. In fact, her story was believed to have inspired the hit Disney Pixar movie.

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After her death it was revealed that Macefield left her house to the new building’s construction superintendent, Barry Martin, in gratitude for the friendship he had shown her during the construction.

The latest news on the house is that it has since been renovated with new windows and additional spaces. In October of 2013, the first annual Macefield Festival was held in honor of the steadfast attitude of the dearly departed Ms. Macefield.


[via inhabitat]


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