Greenwalls, vertical gardens and DIY hanging gardens may look complicated when it comes to maintenance but with apartments getting smaller, this will be your nearest way to having your own garden. Here are 10 ways…

-indoor-garden-ideas (1)

hanging garden idea

-indoor-garden-ideas (2)

indoor garden at kitchen

-indoor-garden-ideas (3)

indoor garden at living room

-indoor-garden-ideas (4)

indoor garden at toilet

-indoor-garden-ideas (5)

indoor patio garden

-indoor-garden-ideas (6)

indoor garden idea

-indoor-garden-ideas (7)

sustainable garden idea

-indoor-garden-ideas (8)

outdoor vertical garden

-indoor-garden-ideas (9)

indoor greenwall at kitchen

-indoor-garden-ideas (10)

sustainable hanging planters

-indoor-garden-ideas (11)

terrace green wall idea

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