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10 Lanai Design Suggestions for a Relaxing Weekend

After a busy week, isn’t it just right to treat yourself and enjoy chilling in the most relaxing part of the house? If you are planning to do some renovations of your lanai area, you may want to check out the following suggestions to suit your mood:   1. Relax in a cozy daybed  via 2. Read your favorite book on a comfy hanging chair via 3. Love the […]


10 Cute Couple Stuffed Toys Post-Valentine Gift Suggestions

For those who are planning to celebrate a post-Valentine date, you may want to check out the following cute couple stuffed toys that you could give to your special someone. Go giggly over these overly adorable couples! 1. Lean on me, my love via   2. Oh such a cutie! via   3. You are the apple of my eye via   4. I love you to […]


Sweet Illustrations of a Human Communicating with his Adorable Dog

Dog lovers unite! Check out the following short comic strips that bring to life the day-to-day activities of Magnet Rocket and his dog since he was a puppy. In collaboration with Hey Buddy Comics, they were able to come up with adorable illustrations showing what could have been inside their conversations if he could literally communicate with his dog.       via Bored Panda


14 Cute Couple Items for Valentine's Day

Isn’t it just too sweet to see couples wearing the same outfits and accessories? Which one’s your favorite?   1. Necklace (I carry your heart with me) via   2. Shirt (Where Am I, You Are Here) via   3. Jigsaw Puzzle Necklace (King & Queen) via   4. Phone Case (Raining, Umbrella for you) via   5. Passport Holder (I see her in sunshine;  I […]


10 Romantic Getaways that are #travelgoals

Wanting to cross out that #travelgoals on your bucket list with your special someone? Well, you may want to check out the following romantic getaways that you could visit not only Valentine’s Day but throughout the year full of love!   1. Bali, Indonesia What’s the catch: Romantic feeling that you and your partner are the only two people left in the world What to do: (a thing or two) […]


25 Random Valentine Date Ideas

Already got yourself a list of what to do you on your Valentine date? Well, here’s some quick help with the following 25 random ideas that you could do with your partner on the 14th. Check them out below:         Discover more ideas here and here.  


7 Kids Define Love in 1 Word

What is love? A group of preschoolers were asked of this question and they have one word to define this very precious feeling. Check out their adorable answers below:     Source:


10 Purest Definitions of Love in the Eyes of a Child

Kids say the purest things and when asked about what they know about love, their answers would surely melt one’s heart. Check them out below:                   Source:


10 Cute Love Quotes That Will Make Your Hearts Flutter

Love makes the world go round they say. And love also makes people say cute, sweet and cheesy lines just like the ones below: via   via   via Pinterest   via   via     via   via   via   via   via


10 Creative Ideas That Really Make Sense

Humans can be so creative that when you see a unique product you would sometimes tell yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” You would catch yourself considering something really funny at first but ends up thinking that it actually works! Check out these creative ideas that really make sense:             Source:


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