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Dogs Doing Unexpected Things And Owners Posted On The Internet. Can You Guess What The Last One Did?

Dogs just having fun not knowing they’ve been naughty and when their owners find out about it, they decided to put on the internet. Here are some of the hilariously unexpected things they have done. Check out more at


Simple and Calming Home Design

This 77 square meter simple and calming home was designed by Tomkin Design studio of design and renovation.


Unique Café Design in Indonesia

STUDIÉ have designed and completed Bermuda Coffee and Eatery coffee shop located in Jakarta, Indonesia.


22 Funny New Year Greeting Cards

2022 is definitely here everyone and we hope you are having a blast (safely)! I have not tried giving out cards during New Year but seeing such funny greetings make me want to give one. Have you given New Year’s cards? If not, check out these witty collection. If yes, of course you can still them check them out ho-ho-ho! Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, […]


21 Fun and Cute Christmas Cards

In case you have not thought of any gift to give yet because of your busy schedules, among others (haha), you can never go wrong with a simple Christmas card (right or right?). Well, Christmas is pretty much around the corner. In a few hours we will be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ together with our family, loved ones, friends and colleagues. Here’s some cute and fun Christmas cards […]


Oregon-based mom makes hilarious toilet paper funerals but her son is not so happy about it

How far can you go to let the world know your level of sense of humor? Well, you might as well take it from Oregon-based Twitter user Jaklyn Larsen (@iamjakz) who is a self-proclaimed Toilet Paper Funeral Director. Oh yes, you read that right. She is indeed a Toilet Paper Funeral Director. Larsen has just started with her new-found calling a few days ago and it seems that she is […]


10 Happy thoughts to brighten up your day

1. Think happy. Be happy. 2. Try not to worry too much.. it solves nothing and everything will be so good again really soon! 3. There are so many beautiful reason to be happy. 4. The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts. 5. You change your life with one happy thought at a time. 6. Choose happy. 7. Thinking happy thoughts literally creates a positive […]


10 Interesting Random Fun Facts Worth Sharing

1. The place with the longest name in the world has 85 letters. Introducing Taumatawhakatangihanga-koauauotamateaturipukakapikimaung-ahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu located in New Zealand! Its name is derived from a Maori word for a hill. 2. The most bike-friendly city in the world is in Europe. Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, has become a role model in encouraging residents to use bicycles, an environmentally friendly mode of transportation. 3. There are only two national flags […]


Japanese super mom creatively makes adorable meals that will make your kids want one too

Just how creative could you be in preparing meals for your kids? Meet Japanese mom Etoni Mama. She is a super mom who also happens to be a master of Kyaraben (character bento), which is the art of styling food to look like cartoon people and animals. Among Etoni’s fascinating masterpieces involve fried eggs transformed into various famous characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Pikachu, as well as other […]


9 Witty illustrations of how introverts are coping up with the quarantine

Dutch artist Lody Njiokiktjien has been extra creative for the past days as shown by her series of illustrations that capture how introverts are coping up with the coronavirus quarantine. According to the artist, the quarantine has some positive consequences and her comics are not a way of denying the severity of the situation but rather a way to look at the situation from an introvert’s perspective. Check them out […]


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House Strategically Built in the Gaps of Pine Trees in Oyama

Eye-Catching House Extension Designed with Diagonal Strips of Wood by Franz Architekten

Mushroom Lighting in Cool Colors

Stunning Microbolante Light Sculpture by Vincent Buret

Japanese super mom creatively makes adorable meals that will make your kids want one too

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