Artist Ai Weiwei has come up with an interesting installation composed of 760 stacked bicycles. The bicycles have been physically attached resulting to a single cohesive structure which can be explored from within. It seems that the artist has an unusual bond with this mode of transportration since he also had similar work in 2011 dubbed as Forever Bicycles wherein he used 1,200 of them. You may want to visit the artists’ exhibition at Galleria Continua until February 16th.

Wondrous760StackedBicyclesbyAiWeiwei2 Wondrous760StackedBicyclesbyAiWeiwei3 Wondrous760StackedBicyclesbyAiWeiwei4 Wondrous760StackedBicyclesbyAiWeiwei5 Wondrous760StackedBicyclesbyAiWeiwei6 Wondrous760StackedBicyclesbyAiWeiwei7

[via colossal]


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