Shanghai-based artist GH Yeoh makes beautiful watercolor drawings everyday. Yeoh’s favorite subject is nature and animals in strong hues and whimsical dream-like settings and sometimes hidden messages.

You can find out more of Yeoh’s work here, here and prints are available on her shop.


Chasing dawn (Wolf, Mountain, Feathers)

whimsical-watercolor-drawings-inspired-by-nature (1)

Trace (Tiger, River, Jungle, Tropical)

whimsical-watercolor-drawings-inspired-by-nature (3)

In The Breeze… (Elephant, Ballons, Kids) whimsical-watercolor-drawings-inspired-by-nature (4)

In the rain… (cat, umbrella, rain)

whimsical-watercolor-drawings-inspired-by-nature (5)

When It Rains…. (Ride, Shanghai, Wet

whimsical-watercolor-drawings-inspired-by-nature (6)

Wild Wild Wind (Giraffe, Wind, Blow, Tree)whimsical-watercolor-drawings-inspired-by-nature (7)

Precious (Leaves, birds, green, nature)


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