white interiors

This lovely and 70-square meter home is located in Vasastan district of Gothenburg, Sweden. For sure, anyone (including me of course) would want to live inside this very comfy home that seems to be filled with so much love and warmth, that makes you want to go home immediately after work. The white interiors are truly blessed with playful colors that intend to convey a feeling of jollity. Its good layout and tall ceilings give the impression that the area is spacious and free-flowing with good vibes! ♥

WelcomingSwedishHomewithCheerfulDecors2 WelcomingSwedishHomewithCheerfulDecors3 WelcomingSwedishHomewithCheerfulDecors4 WelcomingSwedishHomewithCheerfulDecors5 WelcomingSwedishHomewithCheerfulDecors6 WelcomingSwedishHomewithCheerfulDecors7 WelcomingSwedishHomewithCheerfulDecors8 WelcomingSwedishHomewithCheerfulDecors9

[via freshome]


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