Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth designs Magic Mountain, an unusual roller coaster near Duisburg, Germany. Instead of having a dizzy coaster ride, visitors are invited to a walk-thru winding steps that overlooks an impressive view over the Rhine that looks even more fantastic at night!

From an article written by Heiko Klaas and Nicole Büsing.

The curved flight of stairs inscribes like a signature on the landscape and recruits the nimbus of the classical roller coaster. Having a closer look, the public is disappointed in a disarming way. The visitor climbs on foot via differently steep steps the roller-coaster-sculpture.

architecture design walk_in_rollercoaster_magic_mountain_germany1 walk_in_rollercoaster_magic_mountain_germany2  walk_in_rollercoaster_magic_mountain_germany4 walk_in_rollercoaster_magic_mountain_germany5 walk_in_rollercoaster_magic_mountain_germany6 walk_in_rollercoaster_magic_mountain_germany7

[via phaenomediathesoho and enpundit]


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