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Japan-based studio Harunatsuaki have designed Villa 921 which was completed in 2012.

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Villa 921 by Harunatsuaki:

The remote Island of Iriomote has beed designated as a national park from Ishigaki where 90% of the island is covered by subtropical virgin forest. The clients of this project is from Tokyo and finally decided of build a house in this location. The idea is to block the surrounding views except for the front where a lavish spread of farm can be seen.

Basic spaces were designed such as kitchen, shower, toilet,  a combination of living-dining-bedroom and  specific room is dedicated for storage of work tools. The bedroom is accessible from two spaces.

The site building area is not enough for a proper roof with gutter. Instead, the designers have adopted the gable roof that does not collect and store rain.

The side of the house with view have deep eaves to block strong sunlight, also serving as a work space. In the event of typhoon, the shutters are closed.

Total area of the room is 21 square meters. Although this may seem small, the vast landscape view makes the space feel bigger. The clients have adapted the simple way of life of the Iriomote island and this tiny space works perfect for them.


Photos from Harunatsuaki


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