contemporary house

Swedish studio Wingårdhs Arkitektontor designed the Villa Flåttarna, one of nine residential homes proposed for  the Klevens Udde project located near the Skagerrak strait.

This two-storey residence will accomodate a living room, balcony and master room at the ground floor. While on the second level, a bedroom, bathroom, dressing rooms and a garage.

VillaFlattarnabyWingardhArkitektontor1 VillaFlattarnabyWingardhArkitektontor2 VillaFlattarnabyWingardhArkitektontor3 IMA86939 VillaFlattarnabyWingardhArkitektontor5 VillaFlattarnabyWingardhArkitektontor6 VillaFlattarnabyWingardhArkitektontor7 VillaFlattarnabyWingardhArkitektontor8 VillaFlattarnabyWingardhArkitektontor9 VillaFlattarnabyWingardhArkitektontor10

Images by Wingardh Arkitektontor


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