Facing a difficult situation has always been like getting yourself through the eye of a needle. Miniaturist Nikolai Aldunin literally got himself into the ultimately tiny eye of a needle and saw its potential in making a jaw-dropping work of art. Seriously, Aldunin had tons of patience in keeping his hands perfectly still while working on his project using a 28-year-old microscope and tools such as superglue, syringes and toothpicks. The artist was inspired by a Russian tale about Levsha, a left-handed Tula craftsman who was able to put horseshoes on a flea.

The artist says:

You mustn’t get into a state or worry. Everything that you feel in your soul is transmitted to your hands.

UnbelievableMiniatureCreationsasSmallastheEyeofaNeedle2 UnbelievableMiniatureCreationsasSmallastheEyeofaNeedle3 UnbelievableMiniatureCreationsasSmallastheEyeofaNeedle4

[via dailymail]


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