We have seen artworks from carved wood, ice and even books, but have you seen hand-carved eggs? Take a great look at this collection of Illinois-based artist Beth Ann Magnuson, who patiently turns eggs into carved masterpieces reminiscent of fine Victorian lace, hence, she calls her series as Victorian Lace Eggs. You may want to watch how she does her incredible artworks here.

UnbelievableHandcarvedVictorianLaceEggs2 UnbelievableHandcarvedVictorianLaceEggs3 UnbelievableHandcarvedVictorianLaceEggs4 UnbelievableHandcarvedVictorianLaceEggs5

The artist says:

Since the dawn of man, the egg has been associated with creation. Because they contain new life and such potential, eggs were seen as a tool of divination. Their size, shape, and contents were used to forecast the future. Christians regard the egg as a symbol of the risen Christ. Beautifully decorated Easter eggs are a common tradition throughout Christendom. The Victorians, fond of ornamentation, decorated their eggs with snippets of daily life: trade cards, ribbons, beads, and bits of old lace.


[via cmybacon]


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