I wonder how utterly serene it would feel like to live inside an old church that has been superbly transformed into a cozy loft. Check out how Leijh, Kappelhof, Seckel, van den Dobbelsteen Architects came up with an amazing design of the former Dutch Reformed Evangelism Building in Haarlo, Netherlands with limited resources and living by the concept: strip, isolate and furnish. The white interiors were beautifully complemented by the strategically chosen red accents. Also, the results are said to represent the motto of the owners: Cherish your inner child; remain pure, playing, exploring and a little bit naughty!

TranquilTransformationofaHistoricalDutchChurchintoaUniqueLoft2 TranquilTransformationofaHistoricalDutchChurchintoaUniqueLoft3 TranquilTransformationofaHistoricalDutchChurchintoaUniqueLoft4 TranquilTransformationofaHistoricalDutchChurchintoaUniqueLoft5 TranquilTransformationofaHistoricalDutchChurchintoaUniqueLoft6 TranquilTransformationofaHistoricalDutchChurchintoaUniqueLoft7 TranquilTransformationofaHistoricalDutchChurchintoaUniqueLoft8 TranquilTransformationofaHistoricalDutchChurchintoaUniqueLoft9 TranquilTransformationofaHistoricalDutchChurchintoaUniqueLoft10

[via contemporist]


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