recycled plastic art

Plastic bottles totaling around 2,100 pieces became an interactive public art project namedArgallios as initiated by Athenian studio Kollektivemind*.

The inspiration was to mimic the pattern of a traditional weaving called Cretan.

“Cretan woven fabrics with geometrical decoration are among the richest and most structured traditional geometrical weaves worldwide, even though only one shape, the diamond, and its variants are used.”

The diamond-shaped slots of cyclone wire fence surrounding a primary school in Chania were used as the ‘canvas’ for the numerous painted bottles.

“The colorful mosaic that unfolds over the fragments of the old wall, attracts the attention of passersby to school, a crucial, albeit neglected public space of a strife-torn city neighborhoods. Indicates the beneficial presence of children in a public place and acts as a filter of ownership by residents.”

ThousandsofColorfulPlasticBottlesInstalledToAppearLikeTraditionalTextile3 ThousandsofColorfulPlasticBottlesInstalledToAppearLikeTraditionalTextile4 ThousandsofColorfulPlasticBottlesInstalledToAppearLikeTraditionalTextile5 ThousandsofColorfulPlasticBottlesInstalledToAppearLikeTraditionalTextile6 ThousandsofColorfulPlasticBottlesInstalledToAppearLikeTraditionalTextile7

[via pop up city]


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