Sydney-based practice Fergus Scott Architects designed The Southern House also known as Brow of the Hill.

This contemporary residential project is located in Australia.

contemporary house

TheSouthernHousebyFergusScottArchitects1  TheSouthernHousebyFergusScottArchitects3 TheSouthernHousebyFergusScottArchitects4 TheSouthernHousebyFergusScottArchitects5 TheSouthernHousebyFergusScottArchitects6 TheSouthernHousebyFergusScottArchitects7

Brow of the Hill by Fergus Scott Architects:

The ‘brow of the hill’ is hard exposed brown essexite and the house follows the contour here and sweeps through 270 degrees of coastal landscape.

A sunlit courtyard and terrace are contained within the outline of the building. They combine with thick walls and alcoves to offer protection from the south for year round outside living.


Photos by Michael Nicholson | Text by Fergus Scott Architects


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