Have you ever dreamed of living in a boat? You might want to see this home design called Hausboot Silverbeaver. Here’s a bit of project description from architizer.com:

Created by designer Flo Florian and designer Sascha Akkermann of Confused-Direction Design, the second model of floating home, named the Silverbeaver, with modern design details that gives a comfortable and stylish appeal. It is located in Oldenburg, Germany, on the Hunte River near the city. the boat house displays a bright design, dressed in a wood skin that integrates the structure into the surrounding environment. Three main characteristics can be recognized in each space and define all the rooms, materials and textures – clear, warm and bright.

Boat homes strike me as tiny, tiny apartments, but this floating studio is spacious and really charming. Have a look and find the cats!

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[via architizer.com]


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