ASKarchitects designed the renovation of this 310 sq m neoclassical residence. The finished structure is open and flexible while retaining most of its original neoclassical flair. Its central feature is the old world courtyard that just takes you back in time. Which the architect aptly describes, ‘this courtyard area has become the lungs of the house’. 

granddamehomeinterior1 granddamehomeinterior2 granddamehomeinterior3 granddamehomeinterior4 granddamehomeinterior5 granddamehomeinterior6 granddamehomeinterior7  granddamehomeinterior9 granddamehomeinterior10 granddamehomeinterior11 granddamehomeinterior12 granddamehomeinterior13 granddamehomeinterior14 granddamehomeinterior15 granddamehomeinterior16house design

Designed by: ASKarchitects

Photos by Vangelis Paterakis via yatzer and dailyicon


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