house design

You won’t notice a trace of its former deserted self. That’s because Designscape Architects did a marvelous job renovating this place. A description from their website:

This Victorian villa in a village location has been altered on numerous occasions in the past, and the client purchased the house in a state of disrepair. The design concept of the new extension and whole house refurbishment work was to reverse the orientation of the house to create the entrance to the rear north elevation, allowing the elegant south façade and garden to become a private sanctuary for the family. The new contemporary double-height entrance hall looks over a newly excavated courtyard. This is lined with a rubble bath stone wall that wraps around the space and creates a roof terrace over the garage, penetrating through the new glass screen to form an internal first floor gallery, linking inside with outside.

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For those who are curious, the picture below is the before state of this home.


Visit the Designscape Architects website.


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