contemporary house design

Transparent pools that are partially above ground seem to be popular these days and for good reason. The Tannga House in Singapore was designed with the said feature and it gives an illusion of floating on water. More over, the glass pool extends to the lower floor of the home. Just looking at it has a cooling effect despite the hot climate in this part of Asia. The lush greenery around makes this home even more beautiful.

Designed by Guz Architects

TanngaHouse2 TanngaHouse2a TanngaHouse3 TanngaHouse3a TanngaHouse4 TanngaHouse4a TanngaHouse5 TanngaHouse6 TanngaHouse7 TanngaHouse8 TanngaHouse9 TanngaHouse10 TanngaHouse10a TanngaHouse11 TanngaHouse12 TanngaHouse13

[via design-milk]


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