Interesting ‘Salvaged Ring’ Coffee Shop Built from Recycled Wood by a21studio

Hochiminh-based a21studio designed this interesting coffee shop located alongside a highway in the Vietnamese countryside of Nha Trang. The project was entitled ‘Salvaged Ring’, which was derived from the large quantity of scrap wood used in the construction of the building. Its most distinctive feature would have to be its curved thatched roof that extends from the passing street before descending towards the riverbank at the rear of the scheme. [...]


Laidback Villa Mecklin in Finland by Huttunen Lipasti Pakkanen Architects

Helsinki-based Huttunen Lipasti Pakkanen Architects designed the Villa Mecklin whose sheltered terrace extends over the summit of a rock. In the center of the large terrace is the fireplace that is accessed through a hatch in the decking. There is also a stove-heated cabin for guests. Another interesting feature of the villa is its material made of wood surfaces that have been left untreated and will turn grey naturally.  [via ignant]


Eye-Catching House Extension Designed with Diagonal Strips of Wood by Franz Architekten

Austrian studio Franz Architekten has designed the extension of a family home in Vienna. The 80-year-old family home in Wienerwald was clad with grey larch boards that contrast the white rendered façade of the existing house. Project description from Heimspiel: After, the young family were taken by the idea of a single-family house in the countryside. In the Wienerwald they found a little house in need of rehabilitation with a [...]


Energy-Efficient House Under the Oaks in Austria by Juri Troy Architects

Vienna-based Juri Troy Architects  has designed the ‘House Under the Oaks’ in Eichgraben, Austria. This energy-efficient residence uniquely stands on stilts composed of six pillars. The whole area is well-insulated with natural wood that protects its residents from really cold weather. Description by Juri Troy Architects: The house under the oaks is a low budget passive house concept developed for an Austrian family. With a minimum footprint and a wide [...]


Two Apartments Merged into One Beautiful TO3 Home by Studio Karhard

German architectural firm karhard has renovated two apartments and merged them together to create this very welcoming TO3 home in Berlin. The white interiors and light wooden floors splashed with bits of colors make the whole place look comfy and bright. [via thisispaper]


Tree-Shaped ‘Chapel of St Albert the Great’ in Scotland by Simpson and Brown Architects

Edinburgh-based Simpson and Brown Architects have designed this new garden Chapel of St Albert the Great in George Square, Scotland in 2012. Four tree-like Corten Steel columns support the structure and its curved, oak-lined timber roof. Large clay blocks with sandstone compose the thick masonry wall. Description by Simpson and Brown Architects: The new Chapel of Saint Albert the Great, in George Square, Edinburgh, was completed in late 2012. Built [...]


Cozy York Bay Addition by Paul Rolfe Architects

Multi-awarded design practice, Paul Rolfe Architects, has designed this very welcoming residence in York Bay, Wellington, New Zealand. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to occupy the whole place while the wooden walls and floors add more coziness to the home. [via homedsgn]


Lovely Swedish Summer House by Enflo Arkitekter

Enflo Arkitekter, in collaboration with DEVE Architects, has created this lovely summer house located in the serene landscape of Swedish Gotland. What makes the home ultimately relaxing is its wood material along with its slim volume that allows natural light to dominate the whole place. [via thisispaper]


Stunning Illuminated Gold Trees by Giuseppe Penone

Italian artist Giuseppe Penone has created this 12-meter long tree sculpture called ‘Spazio di Luce’. Penone made a full bronze cast of the tree and divided it into sections. The empty space inside the tree was coated in gold-colored wax making it look like it is illuminated while juxtaposing the organic facade with a vibrant inner glowing light. You may want to check this out in at the Whitechapel Gallery in London [...]


Relaxing Private House that Features a Façade Enveloped with Vertical Wooden Slats

Switzerland-based Gramazio & Kohler architects designed this very humbling private house, which features a unique façade enveloped with 315 vertical wooden slats.