Enchanting Beachfront House in Peru by Doblado Arquitectos

Doblado Arquitectos designed this enchanting beachfront house in La Jolla, Peru. Its most distinguishing and stunning feature would have to be the carved out niches between the spaces of the different parts of the house. These are filled with windows that let natural light in and keep the residence private. At night, the home is lit with electric lights that give the whole place a gorgeous feel. [via design-milk]


Beautiful Villa by the Sea in Denmark by Lars Gitz Architects

Scandinavian-based international studio Lars Gitz Architects designed this beautifully white 390-square meter residence called Villa From  located by the sea in Aalsgaarde, Denmark. [via freshome]


Gorgeous Residence in Iceland with Volcanic Stone Wall by PK Arkitektar

Iceland-based PK Arkitektar  designed this gorgeous and minimally white private residence in Reykjavik with slabs of red volcanic stone wall that hides the entrance to the house. Description by PK  Arktektar: This private residence is located in a compact suburban neighborhood and the plot slopes down from street level towards its southwest corner. The house was conceived to be viewed from the street as a singular solid mass and its […]


Distinctive Vault House in California by Johnston Marklee

Award-winning architectural firm Johnston Marklee has designed this very exquisite residence called Vault House in Oxnard, Southern California. Description by Johnston Marklee: Situated in a densely developed beach site in Southern California, the Vault House challenges the typology commonly found on narrow oceanfront lots. Instead of directing its focus on the single prime ocean view, an array of transparent interior spaces layered inside the main volume, offer a multiplicity of […]


Utterly White and Neat Holiday Home in Mallorca, Spain

ecoDESIGNfinca professes that they are passionate about bringing spaces to life together with their clients and this is exactly what they did with their project in Mallorca, Spain. This immaculately white and spotless holiday home is undeniably one of the best places that you would want to take a rest, miles away from the very busy city life. Description by ecoDESIGNfinca:  “This designer country house was built on a 17,000 […]


Elegantly Sleek Casa Sulla Morella by Andrea Oliva Architetto

In 2009, Andrea Oliva Architetto created this very chic and modern residence in Castelnovo Sotto, Reggio Emilia, Italy, equipped with solar panels. Description by Andrea Oliva Architetto: “To the borders of the country of Castelnovo Sotto, between the stream Morella and a roman road, in a landscape context characterized from channels, ditches, rows, shrubby stains, gardens, villas and agricultural houses it places the “House on the Morella”. Inserted between rural […]


Mesmerizing Distort House by TWS & Partners

At first glance, this house looks like broken in half and then the roof suddenly gets your attention. But what’s more interesting is how it is called, The Distort House, which was inspired by the concept of its designers about “twisting out something from the usual line”. The TWS & Partners designed this contemporary residence in Jakarta, Indonesia that features an efficient, heat-deflecting terracotta roof. It also highlights the use of […]