Stunning Ion Hotel in Iceland by Minarc Architects

Award-winning and internationally recognized design studio Minarc Architects built the Ion Hotel located in Iceland, near Thingvellir national park. The concept of the architects was ‘to create a hotel experience as dramatic and otherworldly as the natural Icelandic surroundings, where the built and natural environments can coexist, integrate, even synergies’. [via ignant]


In the Philippines, There's a Coffee Shop Where You Pay with Honesty

This store is too small for dishonest people, such is the mantra of this business called the Honesty Coffee Shop located in Batanes, in the Philippines. The unique concept of this cafe is in the name itself, honesty. Some people may find it odd that there aren’t any crew or staff inside this humble store. This is because everything is self-service in the shop – from making your own coffee, [...]


Extraordinary Glow Worms Illuminate the Caves in New Zealand

The Waitomo Glow Worm Caves of New Zealand has been attracting visitors to its one-of-a-kind inhabitants, the bioluminescent glow worms. These tiny creatures also known as Arachnocampa Luminosa is about the same size as an average mosquito. Traveling by boat, visitors can explore a vast labyrinth of caves and underground rivers in Waitomo and travel through the famous Glowworm Grotto which showcases beautiful ambient lighting put on by the glow [...]


Unbelievable Rock Formations

Check out some of the world’s jaw-dropping rock formations that won’t make you believe that they are truly real unless you see them for real! ♥ [via matadornetwork]