Pretty Home in Sweden

Nina Bergsten’s interest in interior design is clearly seen in her apartment in Malmö, Sweden. Whatever her eyes has set on, wherever it is in the world, she will find a way to transport it back to Sweden. [via letmebeinspired and residencemagazine]


Lovely Mornings + Swedish Apartment

Prepare your favorite fruit, oatmeal and juice for breakfast and have it while looking at your pretty flowering plants on your balcony. Sounds perfect to a greet a beautiful morning right? That’s what I imagined while looking at this Swedish apartment’s uncomplicated kitchen. And the rest of this simple home..       [via casadevalentina]


Loveliest of Swedish Apartments with Naturalist and Clean Design

Perfect abode for those who are fond a space that’s homey and welcoming. Its spaciousness is maximized with clutter-free design whilst having a place for everything. A very open plan where everything appears to be within your reach is the main feature of this home. With huge windows and high ceiling to boot, this space is an inspiration that for a small space, good design can make it big. Wine holder [...]


Apartment in Sweden

[via myadventureisyouradvantage]