Delightful Scandavian Style Apartment

In the middle of Gothenburg, situated inside an heirloom building is this pleasing apartment in Sweden. The property is a cozy three bedroom home plus a kitchen, with a total area of 75 square meters. Abundant natural lighting and high ceilings makes the living area and the entire home so much more welcoming. [via alvhem makler]


Delightful Home in Sweden

Architect Lars Tjörnby designed this home in Sweden so perfect for a retiring couple that they long to stay here most of the time. Located in Österlen, the southeastern part of the Swedish province of Scania and was completed in 2008. Photos by Peter Carlsson [via husohem]


Welcoming Swedish Home with Cheerful Decors

This lovely and 70-square meter home is located in Vasastan district of Gothenburg, Sweden. For sure, anyone (including me of course) would want to live inside this very comfy home that seems to be filled with so much love and warmth, that makes you want to go home immediately after work. The white interiors are truly blessed with playful colors that intend to convey a feeling of jollity. Its good layout and tall ceilings give the impression [...]


Delightfully Simple Holiday Home in Sweden

Stockholm-based studio Mikael Bergquist Architecture have designed Summer House M located in northern Bohuslän, Sweden.      Plan   Section   Summer House M by Mikael Bergquist Architecture: A vacation home in northern Bohuslän. Untreated and virtually maintenance free on the outside. Processed and intimate inside.Large sliding glass partitions allow the living room / kitchen opens up and be an inside / outside room.    Photos by Mikael Olsson, Images from Mikael Bergquist Architecture via Dezeen


Beautiful Mess + Petite Home in Sweden

This 60 square meter home in Sweden is a beautiful messy space with colorful knickknacks, quirky prints and vintage articles. A bigger part of this tiny home is a large lounge while leaving ample space for a kitchen, bedroom, bath and a pocket garden. Helping make this home look bigger is that most part of the walls are painted in white and large windows that go with it. In spite of its [...]


Traditional + Modern Mix Design of Lima House

Sweden-based studio Johan Sundberg Architect the Lima House which was completed in 2008. Located in Limävagen, Höllviken in Sweden. Lima House by Johan Sundberg Architect: Höllviken south of Malmö is originally a seaside summer resort. A young couple wanted to build a house on a traditional summer house lot that had to be very modern, and at the same time suitable for a flexible family life. Tha most economical solution considering the planning regulations [...]


Sweetly Simple Home in Sweden

Homes in Sweden are always gorgeous looking, it probably is one of home-interior-enthusiasts’ favorite places. Especially the ones who adore simple designs, just like Isabel Lundah’s home. It happens to be her studio as well as she owns a clothing label called RAH. The easiness of its design, the use of raw materials  paired with neutral colors is perfect for her art collection. The warmth and chasteness makes you feel right at [...]


Enthusing Slope Residences by Waldemarson Berglund

Dreaming of literally living in a slope? Well, this one’s for you wherever you are… ehem… pardon me please Barry Manilow. Anyway, somewhere in Northern Sweden, three timber Are Solbringen Residences were built on a steep slope. Waldemarson Berglund, an architectural practice based in Stockholm, Sweden, designed the houses without giving the residents the feeling of gliding down. As you browse through the interiors below, you would be amazed by how these homes were built as [...]


Cheerful Home in Sweden

One can’t help but feel good while looking around this apartment located in Stockholm, Sweden. Happy design drawn in every corner without using over the top colors. Bright, spacious and very cozy. [via letmebeinspired]


Sweden's Most Primitive Hotel

Would you like a simple life experience? Trying to go back to basics is a challenging task and it’s encouraged here in Kolarbyn Eco Lodge located in Sweden. The place tries to minimize the enviromental impact by becoming part of nature. Chop your own wood to cooke in a wood heated stove. Sleep in front of a crackling fireplace inside a beautiful hut with only the bare necessities at hand. [...]