E+ Green Home by Unsangdong Architects

E+ Home is a new housing model that addresses the call for more sustainable building homes in South Korea. Curious guests can stay for the night to experience the difference of green living. A project by Kolon Engineering and Construction with brilliant design by Unsangdong Architects Cooperation. [via dwell]


Tiny Summer Dwelling That Conserves Energy

This tiny dwelling in Stockholm was built from scratch by couple Marie and Kenth. After endless search of the perfect home, instead of buying a built home that’s ultra expensive, they eventually decided find a vacant lot and took the design matters in their own hands, with the help of architect Torbjörn Hoeg. The result is a spectacularly precious summer with everything they need. Another reason to love this home even more is [...]


Solar Panels + Thatched Home in Mozambique

Timber Design merged eco-friendly and sustainability by using traditional thatching and adding rooftop solar panels in this uniquely simple home in Mozambique. A noble idea that should be favored more. Thatching is a very old roofing method and has been used in both tropical and temperate climates. Roofing is made of plant materials, layering the vegetation so as to shed water away from the inner roof. Several types of dried plants may be utilized. In [...]


Lovely + Earth Friendly Home

There are just too many things to love in this home. Mainly because the planet’s health was considered with nearly every design decision. Other green features in the home range from big to small, from the photovoltaic array that collects energy from sunshine and the geothermal heat that warms the floors, to the recycled blue jeans used for insulation. Most of the building materials used in this home has been re-purposed and sourced from different areas. For [...]


Sustainable Homes with a Cause

The Soe Ker Tie Houses located on theThai Burmese border was envisioned to help. One, to provide a help the planet by building a sustainable home thru the use of locally sourced bamboo. Second, to provide modest and comfortable shelter for 24 orphaned refugees in the village of Noh Bo. [via designyoutrust]


Sustainable Tiburon Bay House

Butler Armsden designed this contemporary sustainable home, the Tiburon Bay House in San Francisco Bay Area, California. Interesting to note that before this house was built, there was an existing residence that they deconstructed manually. That’s right, by hand. 95% of the materials salvaged from that was re-used and re-cycled for the new house.    Butler Armsden’s website.


Live like a Hobbit + Woodland Home

You are looking at pictures of a house Simon Dale built for his family in Wales. It was built by him and his father in law with help from passers by and visiting friends. A script from Simon Dale’s website reads: The house was built with maximum regard for the environment and by reciprocation gives us a unique opportunity to live close to nature. Being your own (have a go) architect is [...]