Incredibly Stunning Geometric Sculptures Made of Pencil Lead

I wouldn’t have thought that a very fragile and brittle pencil lead could be used as an art material. I remember having to refill a mechanical pencil, being really careful not break the lead. This is why I was amazed that New-Zealand based artist Peter Trevelyan was able to come up with such a brilliant idea and created large-scale geometric sculptures made of pencil lead sticks. [via designtaxi]


Thrifty Sculptures Made From Pennies

Big things definitely come from small ones. A fitting example of this statement is what Philadelphia-based artist Stacey Lee Webber did with her sculptures. Webber considered using pennies for her God Bless America series and check out how magnificent the results came out. The artist says: I come from a lineage of laborers- men and women who worked corn farms, printing presses, beer trucks, and construction sites.  I value skilled physical labor and am proud to […]


Enchanting Emptyful Sculpture by Bill Pechet

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a chemist like Dexter holding something like that one which looks like an Erlenmeyer Flask? Oh well, this is what exactly I thought when I first saw this sculpture. You may want to visit the 35-foot-tall, 31-foot-wide “Emptyful” sculpture in the Millennium Library Plaza in Winnipeg, Canada. This beautiful installation was created by artist Bill Pechet in collaboration with lighting co-designer Chris Pekar of Lightworks and Lumenpulse. [via contemporist]


Inspiring + Symbolic Nelson Mandela Sculpture

On August 5, 1962, Nelson Mandela was arrested and charged for treason in the Rivonia Trial. When the trial ended, he was incarcerated for 27 years, most of them spent on Robben Island. “After his release from prison in 11 February 1990, Mandela led his party in the negotiations that led to the establishment of democracy in 1994.  As President, he frequently gave priority to reconciliation, while introducing policies aimed at combating poverty and […]


Astounding Sculpture Made of Magazines + Newspapers

New York City-based artist Yun-Woo Choi makes simply astounding artworks from recyclable materials like magazines and newspapers. He rolls them up and bound together using resin and wire. Aside from swirling suspended sculptural forms, he also makes fantastic portraits using folded newspaper as canvas. Truly remarkable pieces of artwork. [via design-milk]


Astonishing Sculpture in the Gibbs Farm

In North Auckland, New Zealand, you would find this very interesting Gibbs Farm that features a sculpture collection. As you walk along the sprawling area, you would definitely love these installations as if they were lifted from a cartoon program and have become life-sized. A true amusement farm awaits you in this beautiful country. [via edotmagazine]


A Different Kind of Paper Cut Sculpture

What an adorable bird with such a huge beak! Colombian artist and illustrator Diana Beltran Herrera maximized the use of paper and consequently made a wonderful array of paper cut sculptures of different kinds of birds. Check them out as you chirp through the jump! [via koikoikoi]


Cardboard Sculptures by Bartek Elsner

Who says sculpture is designed only for the wood? Oh yes, ice is another thing. Could you think of some more? Well, Bartek Elsner thought of coming up with a unique work of art, making sculptures out of cardboards. Elsner is a designer and art director based in Germany. [via]


Delicious Miniature Food Sculpture

Miniaturized food sculpture never fails to amaze as it looks very realistic. Not to mention requires incredible patience to finish one. So hats off to Tel Aviv-based artist Shay Aaron who made these collection of 1:12 scale food artwork. More of her work on Flickr  and Etsy. [via feeldesain and colossal]


Fruit of Tired Labor

For the past days I’ve been fortunate enough to always discover something different that great artists do to exhibit their craft. And here I am again with another great discovery. Want to give your tired eyes something refreshing to look at? Here’s for everyone to see. They’re not Oreo biscuits though. These are actually tires carved artistically by a Belgian neo-conceptual artist Wim Delvoye. [via]