Emboldening Atlas Recycled by Tom Tsuchiya

In 2010, artist Tom Tsuchiya (soo-chee-ya) created Atlas Recycled for the Ecosculpt Exhibition on Fountain Square in Cincinnati. The open air exhibition was held to raise awareness of ecological sculptures and to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. The 7-foot-tall sculpture depicts the mythical Greek titan Atlas bearing the earth on his shoulders and also doubles as a recycling receptacle for aluminum cans and plastic bottles. Tsuchiya constructed the sculpture’s internal structure from wood, […]


Superbly Awesome Gourd Carving Art by Marilyn Sunderland

Check out these unbelievable gourd carvings created by Utah-based artist Marilyn Sunderland who draws inspiration from the beautiful landscapes in Utah valley surrounded by mountains. Her works are so elaborate that they will certainly blow you away. The artist says: The gourd has become my canvas for my creative expressions. I enjoy the excitement of each day with what my imagination can bring forth in each gourd. I strive to learn more, create more, […]


Artistically Awesome Wire Sculptures by Martin Senn

At first sight, you would probably confuse this typewriter as one of those ordinary scribbles. Perhaps, that was the intention behind the concept of German artist Martin Senn when he creates these playful, three dimensional sculptures using a wire. I think his works are more complicated than the first wire sculpture I featured in 2011. What do you think?   [via walltowatch]


Amazing Sculptures Made From Sewing Buttons by Augusto Esquivel

Check out these fascinating sculptures created by Miami-based artist Augusto Esquivel using various sewing buttons of different shapes, sizes and colors. Esquivel makes use of a fishing line where he intricately places each button, and the results are fantastic! The artist says: I realize how insignificant and small a simple sewing button can be as it lays in my grandmother’s sewing box, but at the same time how unique and precious it […]


Lively Sculpture of Frolicking Children by Glenna Goodacre

For the last 30 years, well-known artist Glenna Goodacre have been creating bronze sculptures that feature lively expression and texture. One of which is the Puddle Jumper sculpture which was made in 1989. The said monument features children running and jumping over puddles while firmly holding each other’s hands with contagiously happy faces. Although it’s been displayed in many places, the sculpture can be found in the Blount Cultural Park in Montgomery, Alabama […]


Giant Sculptural Books in Berlin

As part of the 2006 FIFA World Cup football event in Germany, a set of six huge steel book sculptures were displayed in central Berlin. Designed by Scholz & Friends, the 12.2 meter high exhibition was called Modern Book Printing.   “The 17 books were stacked on their sides and bore the names of German poets and writers on their spines; Goethe formed the base as the lowermost book. The sculpture […]


Incredible Anamorphic Sculptures by Jonty Hurwitz

Check out these amazing sculptures by London-based artist Jonty Hurwitz. The artist uses perspex, steel, resin and copper for his works, which can only be perceived through a reflection. He creates them with unbelievable mathematical precision but how does he really do it? First, he scans a 3D object then distorts it with computer using π algorithms. To visibly see the end-product, it needs to be viewed in front of a round […]


Hyper-realistic Pictures with Hidden Lego Sculptures

This amazing collection dubbed as In Pieces was created through the collaboration of Australian conceptual photographer Dean West and renowned LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya. In each picture are hidden hyper-realistic LEGO sculptures that are cunningly disguised and can only be seen if you would look at them in much detail. You may want to check more of the In Pieces exhibit up close and personal at the William J. Clinton Presidential Center Library in Little Rock, AK […]


Extremely Detailed Cardboard Sculptures Inspired by Movie Sets

With the use of surgical scalpel and wood glue, Melbourne based artist and filmmaker Daniel Agdag makes these extremely detailed cardboard sculptures guided with only pure intuition and imagination. The artist calls this collection ‘Sets for a Film I’ll Never Make’. He likens the process of creating every piece to sketching 3d objects with carboard. The unassuming use of boxboard as a medium belies elaborate complicated machines and contraptions that preserve the incessant redundancies of […]


Naturalistic Paper Bird Sculptures

One of Colombian artist Diana Beltran Herrera‘s paper bird sculpture collection is this series called Salida de campo which means Field Trip. The artist assembled paper bird pieces in different poses as they would act in their naturalistic environment. You’ll see one peaking thru the branches, landing on its feet or sipping nectar.  The artist says: ”Im having a special collaboration in this project:  talented Victoria Holguín (professional photographer from Colombia) in which we […]