Impressive Renovation of a Hundred Year Old Parisian House with Red Cedar by CUT Architectures

CUT Architectures renovated and extended a hundred year old home in Paris.  The existing House in Meudon was refurbished while keeping the sentimentality of the former structure. Description by CUT Architectures: The project is the extension and refurbishment of a very small detached house in Meudon, one of the nearest suburbs of western Paris. The location is exceptional; the plot is on the hill offering fantastic views and facing a park. […]


Minimalist Råman House in Sweden by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Architectural and design firm Claesson Koivisto Rune converted an abandoned former school in the middle of nature in Baldringe, Sweden into this simple and serene residence called Råman House. Their client is Sweden’s most renowned designer of glass, Ingegerd Råman. Description by Claesson Koivisto Rune: The rooms have been transformed into an open plan, calm white space that enjoys daylight through the surrounding high windows of the old classrooms. The […]


Former Hunting Lodge Transformed into a Cozy Family Home in Belgium by DMOA Architecten

DMOA Architecten has renovated an 18th century hunting lodge in Belgium into a cozy and modern family home. Description by DMOA Architecten: The project is a peaceful combination of old and new. The new part is a sober black canvas looking at the garden from behind the old walls. In several places remnant parts of the old walls are kept as garden elements, an aspect that strengthens the atmosphere. When you […]


Relaxing Stonington Residence in Connecticut by Joeb Moore & Partners

Joeb Moore & Partners has renovated this relaxing and historic residence in Stonington, Connecticut with a mixture of rustic and industrial elements. Description by Joeb Moore & Partners: “The Stonington Residence, a recently renovated and restored historic house is sited between 300 feet of waterfront and a large meadow in Stonington, Connecticut. While the house is sited on a small stone ledge, the site’s additional rock outcrops help to organize […]


Former 1900s Shoe Factory Converted Into Single Residence

The Factory can be found on a quiet residential road in the Northamptonshire village of Finedon, 45 minutes away from London. This spacious property is a very rare example of an entire former factory in use as a single residence. Built around 1900 as a shoe factory, it was converted into a home by the current owners in 2008 with the assistance of the London-based architect Richard Grey. The spaces […]


Fascinating Greenhouse Filled with Stained Glass Art in Mexico by Leopoldo Flores

Mexican artist Leopoldo Flores transformed the abandoned Art Nouveau-style building in Toluca, Mexico into a botanic greenhouse wonderland dubbed as “Cosmovitral”, a combination of the Spanish words for “cosmos” and “glass”. The stained glass art that surrounds the interiors symbolizes the relationship between mankind and the heavens. Its design is primarily centered on human figures and natural elements like fire and water. [via designtaxi]


Time Machine-Inspired Entrance Leads to Historical Archive Building

Dutch studio Zecc Architects have designed the latest addition to Drents Archive, an ultra modern entrance way that leads to historical archive building. The futuristic entrance is dubbed as a ‘time machine becomes the entrance for a journey through time.’ Description by Drents Architects: In 2010 Zecc Architects was selected through a European tender for the expansion and renovation of the Drents Archive in Assen. Two years later Zecc delivers its […]


Two Apartments Merged into One Beautiful TO3 Home by Studio Karhard

German architectural firm karhard has renovated two apartments and merged them together to create this very welcoming TO3 home in Berlin. The white interiors and light wooden floors splashed with bits of colors make the whole place look comfy and bright. [via thisispaper]


Delightful White Interiors of Villa Anemolia in Santorini by MplusM Architects

Greek architectural practice MPLUSM has renovated a preexisting house into a delightful hotel in Santorini, Villa Anemolia. Its stark white interiors really complement the simplicity and calmness of the village. For some contrast to the plainness, the team incorporated new skylights and pockets of light coming from the recessed lights in the walls. Built-in beds and sofa beds were also chosen instead of the usual, free-standing furniture to give the place […]


Abandoned Medieval Cathedral Converted To Colossal Bookstore

BK Architecten have designed the transformation of an abandoned medieval church into a modern bookstore called Waanders. With respect to its original architecture church was carefully reinstated from the spectacular stained glass window down to every minute detail Description by BK. Architects: In the Zwolle Broerenkerk we have the design realized for Waanders In Broeren. This design includes a three layered installation and shop interior in a historic, 15th-century church. Assumptions for this design […]