40,000 Recycled Bottles + Huge Christmas Tree

In keeping with the holiday spirit, I was so glad I found this wonderful project which was done inLithuania.  Jolanta Smidtienė, who thought of this idea wanted to come up with a different idea of a Christmas tree for their town this year. His concept, which spawned the collection of 40,000 used “Sprite” plastic bottles, is simple ~ he wanted to show the people how to make something beautiful through recycling. Incredible undertaking, huge success! […]


Indie Artisans + 8 Recycled Home Decor

Reusable wall decals. by Stickytiki Storage crate and Stool by natymosko Recycled soda bottles by YAVA G l a s s   Spoon rest made from an old beer bottle. by Minty Fresh   Scrap wood picture frame. by Chalecco   Storage crate and Stool by natymosko   Solid wood frame made from salvaged barn wood, by Paradise Hill Designs   Vintage “Royal Traveller” upcycled suitcase pet bed . by VintageRenaissance Made from old vinyl records, painted with original psychedelic […]


Recycled book desk art

One look and you know that this is the reception for a library isn’t it? The concept behind this recycling effort is brilliant as it is creative. And visually appealing too. From the blog recyclart, its noted that these photos didn’t do justice on how beautiful the real thing looks.


Recycled and Colorful Cabin in Brazil

Brazilian designer Fabio Galeazzo has explored the small cabin designs in a place where huge homes and bedroom are the norm. Looks like Brazil is finally catching up with the idea of living in small spaces (although not quite yet). This 600 sq ft cabin, on of Fabio’s cool designs, though small, still evokes of Latin America’s lifestyle and culture. The colorful, festive and relaxed mood seen all over the cabin achieves […]


Old Junk Mail Portrait Mosaics

Decluttering your junk mails, old papers, calendars, any recyclable material has never been this fun. Sandhi Schimmel Gold is creating some amazing and vibrant mosaic portraits. Adorable portraits made by hand. Get inspired, check these photos out. From Sandhi Schimmel Gold’s website.