12 Famous + Clever Quotes Illustrated by Ryan Mcarthur

Canadian artist Ryan Mcarthur illustrates witty one liners that never get old. Using his favorites materials, a computer, paper, ink and most importantly passion, Ryan brings you his favorite quotations that speak to life and illustrate them simply and beautifully. Prints are available in various colors on Design Different shop. [via mocovote]


Beautifully Illustrated Journal by Lisa Congdon

A million thoughts run through our minds everyday. For artists and creatives, a handy journal is a must to catch all those wonderful ideas. Artist Lisa Congdon‘s Write Now Journal line features famous inspiring words in beautifully illustrated pairing of vintage cameras and modern typography. Available at Live Inspired. [via shootingfilm]


Inspiring Photo Quotes by Alander Wong

Aiming to make a photo quote per day for a whole year is Hong Kong based designer Alander Wong. Follow Alander’s expanding collection on PHOTO QUOTE and on instagram. [via chaz mcintyre]


14 Beautiful Print Designs by Drew Melton

Los Angeles-based graphic designer, letter and illustrator Drew Melton started Justlucky in 2009. Guided by curiosity and relentless yearning to to do more, Drew continues to create beautiful typography in each of his projects.    See more of Drew’s growing portfolio on his website.


Motivational Posters by Busy Building Things

Busy Building Things (BBT) is an inspiration shop for community of doers, go getters, and sleepless dreamers. They make beautiful motivational prints like the ones you’ll see below! Enjoy!


12 Inspiring Quotes To Perk Up Your Week

Hope your week has been enjoyable so far. It’s the middle of the week so take a deep breathe and think about how you’d relax this weekend, so certainly deserve it. While you’re at it, here are some motivational quotes in beautiful typography to inspire you. Enjoy!      [via tumblr, pinterest]


Move the Body + Still the Mind | Inspiring Typography on Landscapes

Don’t you just love quotes that still the mind? If so, you’ll enjoy this series by Julian Bialowas. This is a collection of inspiring snippets (that will make you think about life) set on beautiful photos of landscapes and mountains taken by Julian himself. Julian Bialowas is a Canadian freelance Designer & Photographer currently living in Calgary, Alberta. Creator of 365q and a co-creator of 16HOURS Magazine. He says, “when I’m not behind the lens or screen you can find me […]


Quotes Everywhere: Take the Risk

Here are the latest invigorating finds from the wonderful world of design. Terrific decorative quote artworks by independent artist/ designers everywhere.


'The Life of Art' Cartoon Quotes Inspired by Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut, is a 20th-century American writer known for his humanist beliefs. Reading motivating quotes like his really makes someone’s day brighter and more positive. Fortunately, an exceptional artist named Gavin Aung Than thought of a website inspired by quotes from famous people that are adapted to cartoons.  The artist says:  I was working in the boring corporate graphic design industry for 8 years before finally quitting at the end of 2011 to pursue my passion for illustration […]


♥ Share Happiness, Not Happenness

Yes, that is very true isn’t it? So, why not make the most of your life and make someone happy today and the next day and everyday of your life? Surely, it will give you a different sense of fulfillment and inner happiness. And oh by the way, it’s the middle of the week everyone so I thought I’d give you more of inspiring quotes to start your day! Enjoy!   And […]