Amazing Portraits Drawn Using Blue Biro Pens by Enam Bosokah

Ghana-based artist, Enam Bosokah has created an awesome series of portraits using blue biro pins. Each illustration carries the detailed expressions and poses of the subject. You may view more of his works here. [via designtaxi]


Incredible Portraits Made of Thousands of Multi-colored Staple Wires

New York-based artist James Haggerty patiently created a series of portraits of Star Wars characters – a mosaic of multi-colored staple wires. Each portrait is made up of more than 10,000 pieces of staples. See more of his work right here. [via laughingsquid]  


Impressive Jackie Chan Portrait Composed of 64,000 Chopsticks

After a month of collecting 64,000 pieces of chopsticks, Red Hong Yi started with one of her best work yet, a portrait of one of the famous faces of today, Jackie Chan. The project was commissioned to Red in celebration of Jackie Chan’s 60th birthday. Work process: It wasn’t easy to choose the material for Jackie’s piece. He is a world famous actor, an exceptional martial arts fighter, an environmentalist, […]


Stunning Artwork Uniquely Made From Corrugated Cardboard by Andreas Scheiger

Vienna-based artist Andreas Scheiger handcrafts impressive artworks made from simple industrial packaging cardboards. His corrugated portraits include projects dubbed as ‘Jane’, ‘Clint’ and ‘Byrne & Boyle’. His works change their appearance according to lighting, which is a lenticular effect achieved by cut corrugated cardboard only that makes the portraits appear to have a life of their own.


New Exquisite Minimalist Pencil Portraits by Ileana Hunter

UK-based artist Ileana Hunter (previous post) have completed new minimalist pencil portraits. Hunter’s expressive and intricately detailed work would be a great idea for decorating your wall. One of her best selling work is Audrey Hepburn’s portrait above. Check out more of Ileana Hunter’s amazing portfolio on Facebook and Deviant Art and available on Etsy. [via republicx]


Expressive Portrait Using 55,000 Plastic Discs on Chain Link Fence

Artist Christian Moeller uses a colossal canvas for his art, a chain link fence that is 625 feet long. In this project titled Spectators, Moeller used 55,000 white snap-on plastic discs to create expressive portraits of kids watching a baseball game through a chain-link fence.


Impressive Celebrity Portraits Carved Into Recycled Cardboard

British artist Giles Oldershaw says his interest at the moment is focused on portraiture wherein he gets a thrill out of trying a new process or media. In fact, he has created artworks from old jiffy bags and even from baked potatoes. What he offers now is something simple at first yet very impressive once you get to realize how amazing he has carved celebrity portraits into recycled cardboards. Oldershaw carefully […]


Unbelievably Captivating Fingerpaint Portrait by Chuck Close

Yes, you read the title right, this is a fingerpaint as introduced by American painter and photographer Chuck Close who achieved fame as a photorealist, through his massive-scale portraits. Close created this giant portrait in 1985 and called it Fanny/Fingerpainting in honor of his wife’s late grandmother, Fanny. As a true genius, Close has developed his own styles of artwork. With this one, he involved the direct application of pigment to a surface using his fingerprints while […]


Surprisingly Brilliant Typo Stencil Portraits by Orticanoodles

”Stencil on Stencil” by Italian artists Orticanoodles is a collection of portraits of famous leaders, celebrities and provocative artists, created through the use of finely cut stencil. These illustrations contain a written message, some of which are made up of the name of Orticanoodles themselves. The concept behind the work is to cancel the physical work, the pictures are above the words, thereby creating a mutual relationship between the subject and his message. [via whudat]


Awe-Inspiring Holes in the Memory by Michal Taharlev

Patience is a virtue. You can just imagine how much patience Israeli artist Michal Taharlev had when he created his series of work called Holes in the Memory. Taharlev conscientiously poked a needle through a canvas to come up with tiny dots that provide the details of old family photos. See some them after the jump! [via design-milk]