Scenes at Work Paper Sculpture

This series, fittingly titled Factory and Office is a typical workday captured in detail and unique realism using paper sculpture. That’s the work of talented Russian artists Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Ehrlich. Their style is distinct really. It’s colorful yet articulate. Just see how each employee character are depicted. Hand gestures, jest towards work, built and even gadgets are all taken in detail. [via mediadump]


A piece of advice from a piece of paper (11 Photos)

What would you do if you only had one piece of paper to begin with? A great artist named Peter Callesen has the answer. Make the most of what you have. What you are seeing are actually his works of art made from one sheet of paper. Check these out and be amazed by his creativity.   [via]


Amazing Recycled Paper Art

Stilletos, a teapot set, camera, sewing machine, binoculars, typewriter and more shoes. Paper art has never looked this good. Re-using stationery, some glossies and brown cardboard never looked as good as these amazing paper artworks. Scroll down for more! [via funstuffcafe]


Paper Typography

Sabeena Karnik describes herself as a calligrapher, fine artist and illustrator/ typographer specializing in paper sculpturing and acrylic murals. She is currently based in Mumbai, India. Thanks Sabeen Karnik for this wonderful masterpiece.


8 Creative Paper Artworks

Careful silhouette cut-outs, yet emotionally filled paper artworks by Joe Bagley. Even with the absence of facial expressions in this artworks and visual details, the recreated moment and character is still evident. That’s the charm of silhouettes and the power of creativity. Less is indeed more. [via smashinghub]


Most Stunning Paper Craft in the World

Soft blue lights and colorful illumination add impact to any artwork. They highlight the subject of exhibits. In this case paper craft castles. Like the castles of Disneyland and its intricate details, thispaper artwork looks equally stunning. Wataru Itou from Tokyo took four years to complete this installation project. Piece by piece of gruelling hand-made-paper-craft of hardwork has indeed paid off. Exhibit way back in 2009, complete with lighting and a moving train, his […]


Can't Believe These Are Now Called The 'New' Vintage

Not too long ago, these were the gadget. If you had it, then you’re in. Changing times, sometimes we can not keep up enough. Back to Basics is a project by Zim & Zou, a french designers duo based in Nancy, France. In this project, they made famous ‘new’ vintage objects of the recent past out of colored paper. [via]


Paper and Cardboard

Don’t you wish you had the knack for doing these when you were still at school? Project models would just wow the professor. Wow them good. Hopefully now, this post might just inspire those who still are at school. [via miss-design]


Inspiring Toilet Paper Roll Art

Toilet paper roll art, get creative as you please… [via thedesigninspiration]