Impressive Dome Made From Thousands of Suspended Paper in Stockholm Fair

For this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair, Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh and Finnish artist Kustaa Saksi collaborated in creating an impressive installation. 11,000 pieces of paper with printed patterns on one side were layered and arranged in a staggered manner resulting in a visually stunning 3d effect.  The entire dome-like structure consists of stacks of paper sheets that hang from the roof in a Venetian blind-like construction. The lowest sheet in each stack carries part of a […]


Elaborate Paper Art by Sarah Trumbauer

Artist Sarah Trumbauer illustrates stories in a different way. She is able to narrate a story by patiently cutting off a single sheet of paper using  X-Acto knife consequently forming these astounding nature-inspired images. Curious to see more? Check out her etsy shop.   [via scene360]


Naturalistic Paper Bird Sculptures

One of Colombian artist Diana Beltran Herrera‘s paper bird sculpture collection is this series called Salida de campo which means Field Trip. The artist assembled paper bird pieces in different poses as they would act in their naturalistic environment. You’ll see one peaking thru the branches, landing on its feet or sipping nectar.  The artist says: ”Im having a special collaboration in this project:  talented Victoria Holguín (professional photographer from Colombia) in which we […]


Lovely Ceramic-Like Paperware by Rebecca Wilson

Artist Rebecca Wilson has created a series that intends to underscore wasteful consumerism. Taking inspiration from a paper cup that has been considered as a representation of the throwaway culture. she then came up with a project that deals with ceramic styling and transposing materials. Check out these adorable paperware hand-built from cast sheets of specially formulated porcelain paperclay slip that looks every bit like a fragile porcelain. [via honestlywtf]


Steven Spazuk Creates Incredible Portraits Using Fire

Artist Steven Spazuk used to be a conventional painter when he dreamt of using soot as a painting medium. Holding a piece of paper on one hand and a lit candle on another, Steven accumulates enough soot on the back of the paper then using his hands or drybrush, smudges the soot to form an artwork. Years later, his work has evolved into doing lifesize portraits composed of over 200 pieces of […]


Awesome Paper Art Made From Thousands of Museum Tickets by Mia Liu

Artist Mia Liu finds materials in everyday items. In this particular art installation, thousands of Guggenheim tickets were put together to create a wonderfully unique recycled art. Artist says: I like to draw freely, and is particularly mesmerized by the unique textures created by drawing on different papers; therefore, I love to discover different papers from my everyday life to use as my creative medium, and the medium itself also leads to […]


Elaborate 360-degree Books by Yusuke Oono

Palm-sized books that opens up full circle? Yes please. Talented artist Yusuke Oono introduced this creative idea months ago and has won accolades since then. Each intricate page of this 360-degree book is laser cut to form continuing illustrations of the book. This time Yusuke came up with a Christmas version which sadly isn’t available publicly but still awesome just the same. According to the artist the idea of this book is:  “Expressing one scene of story in […]


Delicately Crafted Aerial Paper Artwork

This has got to be one of the most quaint and beautiful paper art installation you’ll ever see. Japanese artist Yuko Takada Keller dainty artwork is a definitely head turner. Yuko uses tracing paper for her work, the reason she says, “it creates a sense of transparency and etherealness”. They certainly are ethereal. Photos by Yuko Takada Keller   [via cozyhunter]


Meticulously Hand-cut Locality Maps

Architect-artist Karen O’Leary presents locality maps in a different way. Countless roads and river lines are intricately drawn and cut by hand by the artist using an x-acto blade. Why maps you might ask? Because Karen considers a map as more than just a navigational tool it also tells a story.  Find more of her works on Studio KMO.


Beautifully Pieced Flower Collage by Anne Ten Donkelaar

Netherlands-based artist Anne Ten Donkelaar creates collages called Flower Construction with cut-outs from photos and pressed flowers, dried plants, sometimes including butterfly illustrations. Her compositions doesn’t follow the strictest real-life scale of her selected objects but with her creative hand the end-results look well-put together as if its naturally been that way.    Visit Anne Ten Donkelaar’s website for more of her artworks.   [via behance]