Distinctive Louver House in New York by Leroy Street Studio

Award-winning architectural practice Leroy Street Studio designed the Louver House in Wainscott, New York. Description from Leroy Street Studio: Sited on the edge of an open agricultural reserve, LSS sought to capture the qualities of traditional barn structures while developing a modern building responding to the site’s dramatic views. The entry draws one through the building’s louvered skin into a two-story foyer overlooking a three story interior garden courtyard. The […]


Lavish Duplex Condo in TriBeCa New York

Inside one of  TriBeCa’s 1800s building is this exquisite two-bedroom duplex unit in Lispenard Street, New York. This lavish condo features 18 foot high ceiling, a ‘floating’ staircase, heated plank floors, a fireplace in a skylit living room and two beautiful terraces.   Photos from Douglas Elliman


Quirky Skyhouse Renovation by David Hotson + Ghislaine Viñas

David Hotson architecture studio in partnership with Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design renovated Skyhouse, a four level residence constructed within a previously unoccupied penthouse structure at the summit of one of the earliest surviving skyscrapers in New York City. This residential project features a tubular slide, a column dedicated to wall climbing and a spectacular view of the New York City skyline. Skyhouse Renovation by David Hotson + Ghislaine Viñas: In the main living space […]


Fascinating Photos of New York City Captured with a Bicycle

You have definitely seen photos taken inside a car or a train or any other wheeled transportation but have you ever saw one taken with a bicycle? Me neither, but that was before encountered one. Photographer Tom Olesnevich interestingly attached his DSLR Nikon D40 upside down to his bicycle and took photos via infrared mode while riding around the Big Apple. The project is dubbed as NYC By Bike. The photographer says: I’m the rider in […]


Tranquil Cloud City in NYC

The sight of clouds really gives me a sense of tranquility and inner peace. Do you feel the same way too? (Sounds like a love song, baby? Ha-ha-ha.) And what if we could all get connected with these clouds in a city full of hustle and bustle, not to mention full of busy people walking really, really fast? Oh well, let me introduce to you Cloud City located in The Metropolitan Museum of Art […]


Spectacular New York Apartment

A huge home in a historic loft building that’s like an art gallery. Every nook and cranny are filled with precious artworks. Grandiose ceiling, flexible plan, exposed wooded beams and columns that are well-preserved, warm and inviting spaces all in one apartment. [via knightfrank]