Gorgeous Olnick Spanu House in New York by Alberto Campo Baeza

Madrid-based architect Alberto Campo Baeza designed the Olnick Spanu House, a glass box home placed on a concrete platform and covered with a light roof, located in Garrison, New York. Desciprtion by Alberto Campo Baeza: This construction on the platform resembles a large table with ten legs. Three areas are created within it, divided by two white boxes that do not reach the ceiling, containing the stairs and service spaces. […]


Beautiful Toro Canyon House with a Panoramic View of Santa Barbara Coastline in California by Bestor Architecture

Los Angeles-based Bestor Architecture designed the Toro Canyon House with a panoramic view of the Santa Barbara coastline in California. Description by Bestor Architecture: There is a dramatic and winding approach up through the landscape that keeps the compound hidden until the last moment. The site strategy is one of slow revelation and discovery of the house and – ultimately – the view. The road, which had to be built […]


Beautiful House D in Switzerland by HHF Architects

HHF Architects designed the House D with breathtaking scenery of the Swiss North. Description by HHF Architects: The view from House D is one of a kind. You might imagine you’re in South America or upstate New York;it is hard to believe that Basel is just 25 minutes away. As the last house to be built in Nuglar, in the canton of Solothurn, House D is privileged. It is oriented […]


Awesome Japanese Home with an Amazing View of Mountains by Kawashima Mayumi Architects Design

Kawashima Mayumi Architects Design built this home located in Hokuto, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan with a stunning view of Mounts Fuji and Kai Komagatake. Description by Kawashima Mayumi Architects Design: Kobuchizawa is a town of the foot of the south side of Yatsugatake that has a gentle slope toward the south to the vertex Yatsugatake towering mountain range to the north. We can look Mount Fuji far south and north Alps, […]


Modest Ski Shores Lakehouse by Stuart Sampley Architect

Stuart Sampley Architect designed this simple yet stunning Ski Shores Lakehouse in Austin, Texas. Description by Stuart Sampley Architect: The spirit of traditional Texas dogtrot-style architecture is modernly refined in this modest weekend lake house. Two volumes flank a central porch that’s naturally cooled by lake breezes, capped on each end by tall, swinging gates for privacy and security, and anchored by a substantial outdoor dining table. On one side, […]


Fascinating Private Retreat Home On Top of a Boulder in Bohemian Forest by Uhlik Architekti

Uhlik Architekti designed this private retreat home on top of a boulder between Central and South Bohemia, Czech Republic. The concept was based on the client’s request for an escape to gather strength for his demanding work in Prague. Description by Uhlik Architekti: Our client contacted us with an idea to create a hideaway in the countryside where he could “hole up” and gather strength for his demanding work in Prague. […]


Cool T-Bone House in Germany by COAST Architects

COAST Architects designed the T-Bone House in an established orchard outside Waiblingen, Germany. Description by the architects: The “TBone House” stands in the open countryside surrounded by a field of fruit trees. The slightly sloping ground, the wide and open view to the Rems valley and the long standing fruit trees characterize the site. The pure, monolithic sculptural T-form is a result of incidents relating to interior and functional spaces […]


Breathtaking Casa Till in Chilean Coast by WMR Arquitectos

Somewhere along the Chilean coast is a breathtaking house called Casa Till by WMR Arquitectos. The structure was designed to blend into the landscape to make it appear invisible from afar. Casa Till is an eco-friendly home composed of local pine wood and solar panels within its rooftop deck. [via trendir]


Admirable House For Trees in Vietnam by Vo Trong Nghia Architects

Vo Trong Nghia Architects designed the ‘House for Trees,’ composed of five individual concrete boxes that look like planters and intend to reconnect its residents with the natural environment. It is located in Ho Chi Minh City, a region where only 0.25% of the area is covered with greenery. The project was conceptualized in response to the rapid and near total urbanization of Vietnamese cities. Description by Vo Trong Nghia Architects: […]


Beautiful Divergence House in Thailand by FOS

Thai architectural firm Foundry of Space Co., Ltd. (FOS) designed the Divergence House in Bangkok, Thailand with a concept of permeability as a fundamental design strategy. Description by FOS: Situated inside an existing lush garden in the middle of one of Bangkok’s expatriate areas, Divergence House emerges from the intention of preserving as many existing trees as possible within the site. Therefore the question of this project is not so […]