Modern AH House in Brazil by Studio Guilherme Torres

Studio Guilherme Torres designed this modern AH House in São Paulo, Brazil with a touch of nature. Description by Studio Guilherme Torres: This residence has been designed with full integration of the gardens with the living areas. Protected from the street by a stone wall, the transition interior / exterior happens naturally. Living rooms are transformed into large balconies, gently framed by architecture. The walls were contemporary artwork and furniture […]


Classy San Vicente House in California by McClean Design

With its specialization in contemporary homes, McClean Design completed this classy San Vicente House in California. Description by McClean Design: Designed for a family with three small girls this house needed to respond to the busy street it is located on. We came up with a sequence of entry which uses several devices to separate the occupants from the noise beyond. The drive court is screened from the street by high […]


Gorgeous Casa P in Brazil by Studio MK27

Studio MK27 designed this stunning Casa P in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Description by Studio MK27: The P house is a puzzle game. Rotating three volumes around one nucleus generated not only a particular spatial dynamic, but also different visual relations between empty and full, between the private and semiprivate areas and the view of the city. The site is located on the other side of the Pinheiros River, one of […]


Distinctive Vault House in California by Johnston Marklee

Award-winning architectural firm Johnston Marklee has designed this very exquisite residence called Vault House in Oxnard, Southern California. Description by Johnston Marklee: Situated in a densely developed beach site in Southern California, the Vault House challenges the typology commonly found on narrow oceanfront lots. Instead of directing its focus on the single prime ocean view, an array of transparent interior spaces layered inside the main volume, offer a multiplicity of […]


Contemporary Home in Switzerland with Indoor Terraces by Renato Salvi

Swiss architect Renato Salvi has designed this modern residence in vineyard region in Switzerland. Description by Renato Salvi: The confined ground between the lake and the hill to the south, overlooking the village. Further ledge arranged for two former prefabricated garages is sitting at the villa. Functions reversed unfold over three floors, culminating in the living room and panoramic views. The rooms they give the South a direct relationship with […]


Culturally Modern Ga On Jai Residence in South Korea by IROJE KHM Architects

Korean firm IROJE KHM Architects designed this unique Korean Ga On Jai Residence that is a mixture of modern and traditional styles. Description from the IROJE KHM Architects: MONUMENTAL SITE About 20 years ago, government held “the house expo” in Gang Nam and constructed this “expo town” of low-rise residences, and every site of this town were designed by selected architects who had been famous in Korea at that time. […]


Cubist Art-Inspired Modern House for a Photographer 2 by OAB

Office of Architecture in Barcelona (OAB) was inspired by the cubist art of Picasso when the team designed this modern home with clean, white exteriors in 2006. Located in Tarragona, Spain, the residence is very close to the sea. Its best feature would have to be the 52 Washington palm trees that will lead its residents from the beach to the house.   Description by OAB:  “A 250 long by […]


Spectacular Home in Brussels is a Light Sculpture at Night

Brussels based collaborating team Bassam El-Okeily and Karla Menten designed this 3-storeycontemporary residence in Bilzen, Belgium. Inside is a combination of chaotic geometric and simple rectangular rooms. At night, when different lighting are turned on, the geometric walls of its unique interior create a ,public light sculptural spectacle’. [via home-reviews]


Korean Home Where Tradition Meets Modernism

I must say that I once was hit by the so-called Korean Wave in our country. There’s just something with their culture that continues to amaze me. Koreans have this remarkable ability to keep up with global modernization, and still be able to preserve their age-old traditions. A perfect example of what I’m trying to say is this Korean home located in Southern Korea. Its owner, Hongnam Kim is an art historian […]