Home in Yoro-gun by Airhouse Design Office

Airhouse Design Office designed the renovation of an existing warehouse to a private housing in Yoro-gun, Gifu, Japan. This steel framed structure has a total floor are of 131.58 square meters and was completed in 2012. Home in Yoro-gun by Airhouse Design Office “Take advantage of the characteristics of the existing” it is a house where the warehouse was renovated farm tools in Yoro-gun, Gifu Prefecture. By contrast with the rough […]


Wooden Skyward House by ACAA

Japanese studio ACAA designed the Skyward House located in Uenohara, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan that was completed in 2012. Taking advantage of its location on the side of a hill where its privacy is maintained while having an unobstructed view of the landscape. Photos by Hiroshi Ueda | ACAA


House in Tokyo by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects

Japan-based studio Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects designed House H located in Matsudo, Tokyo. A single family dwelling where spacesare subtly separated in one seamlessly integrated structure. This 1,242 square foot residence was completed in 2012. Photos by Fumihiko Ikemoto


Impeccable House in Yamasaki by Tato Architects

Japan based studio Tato Architects designed the House in Yamasaki, Hyogo in Japan that was completed in 2012.             House in Yamasaki by Tato Architects: This is a house in the northern part of Hyogo Prefecture for a couple and their two children. The construction site is a part of a place surrounded by mountains and the sky is overcast most of the days. I wanted to create light, stable indoor climate and came up […]


Villa Without a Roof in the Island of Iriomote

Japan-based studio Harunatsuaki have designed Villa 921 which was completed in 2012. Villa 921 by Harunatsuaki: The remote Island of Iriomote has beed designated as a national park from Ishigaki where 90% of the island is covered by subtropical virgin forest. The clients of this project is from Tokyo and finally decided of build a house in this location. The idea is to block the surrounding views except for the front where a […]


Mesmerizing Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan

If you happen to really love flowers then you should definitely visit Hitachi Seaside Park in Hitachinaka, Japan. This has become a popular tourist attraction owing to its vast area of 3.5 hectares full of lovely seasonal flower gardens such as narcissus and tulip in spring, nemophila and rose in early summer, zinnia in summer and kochia and cosmos in autumn. This beautiful place also features an amusement park set up as an annex. [via vieweird, travelingguideinfo, and ibarakiguide]


Remarkable City Photos by Stephanie Jung

These may look like paintings but actually they’re not. What keeps me amazed by these photos is the fact that I don’ exactly have clear understanding and knowledge of how photographer Stephanie Jung captures them. Vibration of the watermark space themes of urbanity, identity and placed in an acceleration voltage ratio with the cultural tradition are at the center of the tables in Japan for less unusual Stephanie Jung. Straight […]