Impressive Cartoon Sketches of Everyday Scenes in Tokyo by Hama House

Tokyo-based illustrator Hama House has playfully came up with an impressive series of cartoon sketches of everyday scenes of people in Tokyo.


Stunningly Spacious Home in Gankaiji in Japan by Nakasai Architects

Nakasai Architects have completed this stunning home in Toyama Prefecture, Japan in 2013. Description by Nakasai Architects: When Designing a house in Toyama prefecture, I am often requested that a house has a garage big enough to park 2 cars. We can always simply install a carport. However when considering the relations with its surrounding environment, I have wanted to design a garage in tone with the environment. In this […]


Exquisite Divider Screen Made of Paper by Yasutoshi Mifune

Japanese designer Yasutoshi Mifune ingeniously came up with a divider screen made of paper called ‘kakine’, a Japanese word for ‘hedge’.  According the artist, It is a screen which can be changed to various shapes and sizes by assembling sheets of paper of the same shape. Multiple complicated forms create a shape by overlapping each other and they change their impression depending on the brightness of the surrounding. [via design-milk]


Contemporary Home Called ‘Beyond The Hill’ in Japan by ACAA

‘Beyond The Hill’ is a 1,700-square foot contemporary home in Japan designed by architectural firm ACAA  with a gallery and office space perfectly integrated into the residence. Description by ACAA: The house stands on a site facing a narrow, steep slope. Across the street is a wood, which promises a pleasant view with fresh greenery in summer and crimson foliage in autumn. The client’s request was a residential house containing […]


Exquisite Shun*Shoku Lounge in Tokyo by Kengo Kuma and Associates

Kengo Kuma and Associates designed the Shun*Shoku Lounge in Tokyo, Japan. The 1000 square foot multipurpose creative space was created for Gurunavi, a Japanese restaurant guide that links top-class (gourmet) restaurants and people passionate about exclusive and sophisticated food. Description by Kengo Kuma and Associates: We piled up pieces of wooden panels to build the interior like topography. Various kinds of food-related items are laid out on this wooden ground. […]


Simple and Relaxing Small Box House in Japan by Shin-ichiro Akasaka Atelier

Shin-ichiro Akasaka Atelier has designed the ‘Small Box House’ located in the western hillside of Mt. Moiwa. From the two-storey home, the residents are privileged with a scenic view overlooking the city of Sapporo. The high ceilings and huge windows let the natural lights brighten the whole place. Photos by Koji Sakai via ignant


Distinctive Green Edge House in Japan by mA-style Architects

If you happen to be a regular visitor of Wave Avenue, you may realize that the works of mA-style Architects have always been featured. The latest of which is the ‘Green House’ located in Fujieda, Japan. The unique style of the home features the trees and a plant along its somewhat floating wall that would make passersby curious of what could be found inside. Description by mA-style Architects: There was […]


Super Comfy House I in Japan by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects

Award-winning Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects have designed this homey residence for a family of three. The whole place presents a very welcoming atmosphere with its open space and interiors that allow lots of light and air. Description by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects: People have good relationship and make the usual greetings over the gardens and come to see stepping over the stone fences in this area. In there we designed the house which is […]


Uniquely Built Villa Kanousan in Japan by Yuusuke Karasawa Architects

Yuusuke Karasawa Architects have designed this simple yet definitely eye-catching Villa Kanousan located in Kimitsu, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. The residence takes a unique cube form and as you enter inside you would be at awe with its very peculiar look. Description by Yuusuke Karasawa Architects: This is a weekend cottage situated within the deep mountainous area of midlands in Bousou Peninsula. The site is located in Kanou Mountain, Kimitsu city. An […]


Lovely Koya No Sumika by mA-style Architects

Japanese firm firm mA-style architects has designed this lovely dwelling place that is actually an extension of the main house. The team was able to fulfill the request of their client – a young couple who wanted to be separated from their family but still maintain a sense of comfortable proximity.   Description by mA-style architects : This is an extension plan for a young couple’s house next to the main house. The main […]